This study took place over three academic years in five schools (two experimental and three comparison) and compared Optima Maths with the National Numeracy Strategy (NNS). The results indicated that children made significantly better progress in a number of areas when taught through the Optima Maths than the NNS. The attainments of the two groups were comparable in relation to addition and subtraction but those taught through Optima Maths show significant gains in multiplication, division, problem solving and generalising and applying their mathematical skills. The results were particularly pronounced for the lower achieving groups and reinforced the outcomes from previous studies that higher and lower achieving pupils made more progress through whole class teaching than being taught on an individual or small group basis. 

The research is available in: Solity, J.E., Shapiro, L.R., Pendle, J. & Wall, H. (unpublished) A Whole-class Intervention Aimed at Teaching Early Mathematics through Generalisable Strategies

Classroom-based Research into Raising Standards Study 5