This study took place over three academic years in 12 schools (six experimental and six comparison schools) and compared the Optima Reading Programme with schools adopting traditional methods to teach reading prior to the introduction of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS). The study demonstrated that all children, higher and lower achievers, made better progress when taught through the Optima Reading programme than conventional methods and that whole class teaching was more effective than being taught on an individual or small group basis. 


The research is reported in the following publications: Shapiro, L., & Solity, J.E. (2008); Solity, J.E. (2000); Solity, J.E., Deavers, R., Kerfoot, S., Crane, G. & Cannon, K. (1999a) and Solity, J.E. & Shapiro, L.R. (2008)

Classroom-based Research into Raising Standards Study 1